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Moving Advice

There is no need to make the moving experience a less-than-pleasurable experience.
In fact, since you will be moving to an entirely new environment, this is something to look forward to rather than dread!

Take a look at a few tips that we have when packing and moving your things:

- Get all the packing materials that you need prior to your move.
- Give yourself a few weeks to finish all the packing. The more rushed you are, the more disorganized the packing job will be.
- Make sure that the boxes are labeled according to what their content is. You can also put "kitchen", "living room" or "kid's bedroom" on the labels so that the movers would know exactly where to place the boxes once they arrive at your new home.
- Don’t carry to your new place anything that you do not need – dispose of any rubbish a couple of days prior to the move.
- Cancel any subscriptions that you may have, and inform those who regularly deliver things to your house of exactly when you are moving out.
- Notify your office, family members and friends about your new address.

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