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Cheap Home Removals in MertonMerton Removals works towards delivering a single promise to its customers and that is to offer them a customer centered, comprehensive home removals service that includes both cleaning and storage facilities as well. We are proud to have exceeded the expectations of even the loftiest customers we have had in the past. We have worked hard and with dedication to build the reputation that we know enjoy in the industry. We have more than ten years of experience in offering home removing services to customers and we are quite confident know in our expertise. Our staff is highly trained and specialized in each aspect of their duty. We are a professional removal service company based in Merton that also offers removal services to companies looking to relocate their offices. There is no doubt that the comprehensive list of services that we offer serves as a testament to the success that we have had and the success that we will continue to have in the future. If you feel like this is the kind of company you can trust with your belongings, and then call us at 020 8746 9645.

We are proud of the envious position that our company holds in this industry as the company that is most trusted for its removals services, cleaning services, and storage services. We have been servicing both corporate clients and individuals for years now and are proud that never once have we received a complaint or a unsatisfied customer in our history of working. This is because we always work in such a systematic manner that we rarely leave room for failure. The key towards achieving a successful home removal is to properly plan out everything. That is why we visit your premises in advance to have a look at everything you have and make an estimate of all the tasks that will need to be done, all the things that will have to be taken care of, and all the packing materials that will be required. This helps us to then make a plan of how to tackle the whole process in a systematic manner without leaving anything behind. This helps us to achieve the task well on time without having to rush into things and then cause damage or loss.

Domestic Removal Company in MertonWe know that when you are moving your home from one place to another you might need to have access to some temporary storage because of a wide range of reasons. Some people simply don’t have enough space in their new place for all their belongings, while others need to hold some valuables away for awhile because of personal reasons until they find it fit to have them with them again. For this we have offered storage units to our customers that come in all sizes. Your items that you wish you store could be as small as your personal jewelry or as large as a car. No matter what the size of your valuables is, you can find a storage unit that is well suited for your needs. Our storage facilities are fully equipped with modern security systems and CCTV cameras that are monitored 24/7. Our customers are given keys and are allowed to access their units anytime of the day. This makes it easy for you to add or take things out of your unit whenever you want. We regularly clean our storage facilities and maintain a favorable temperature in them.

If you are looking forward to a moving date and wish to get some help with the whole moving process, just call us now at 020 8746 9645 and set a date with us.