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Office Removals Hints And Tips

Undergoing an office relocation is different from moving house for example, and requires different arrangements and steps to be made in order to make the move a success.

1.    Start planning well in advance of your scheduled moving date.
Although you’ve got your business to look after, don’t leave planning and organising your move until the eleventh hour. Give yourself as much time as possible, at least one month, to start making calls and doing your research.

2.    Location, location, location!
There are plenty of things to consider when moving office. You have to consider how the new location will impact your day to day business dealings, the price of the new office space, the size, how it will look to prospective clients etc. Factor these in when making a final decision and choose an office space that will meet all of your requirements.

3.    Get price quotes for the removal process on moving day.
You may be able to get price quotes over the phone, but you’ll know that you’ve found a super efficient and professional company when they offer to send someone over to give you an estimate in person. If they don’t, you can always ask, and they should be able to give you a price then and there.

4.    Pick a date.
It might be tricky to take a day off work, but if you can schedule the move to occur on a weekday, you should be able save yourself a bit of extra money. Most removal companies are booked up on weekends, and consequently, many hike up their prices to coincide with these busy periods.

5.    Ask plenty of questions.
Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions, no matter how silly or simple they may seem. Remember to ask the removal company whether or not they’re experienced when it comes to dealing with office removals, and in particular, with moving, securing and transporting office electronics.

6.    Get plenty of references from your prospective moving company.
Many companies out there may just nod along and agree to everything you say, when in actual fact they may be inexperienced or may have delivered poor removal services in the past, something you definitely don’t want to be on the end of this time around. You should be able to decipher whether the company are experienced professionals that know what they’re talking about simply by asking the right questions. But don’t forget to ask for a reference list. If they really are an expert company, they should have no problem providing you with a reference list, which you can then use to help make your final decision.

7.    Get a floor plan of your new office.
Visit your new office space, take plenty of measurements and get a floor plan together. This will really help when planning your move, so when packing your items, you can pack and arrange things in such a way so that you know what’s going where in your new office, which will speed up the process.

8.    Removals and storage.
If you’re downsizing or you fancy doing a bit of decorating to spruce up the appearance of your office, consider putting some of your items into storage. Nowadays there are lots of storage companies in the industry, all of which will offer you a clean and secure storage space, so you won’t have to worry about the any breaches in confidentiality with your files and documents. Alternatively, do away will your large filing cabinets entirely, and consider transferring your documents onto your computer and storing them electronically.